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About Serdar

- About Me -

My name is Serdar and I was raised in the East York and Scarborough neighborhoods of Toronto. Since the year 2000 I have been working in the Jewellery industry in one shape or form. My specialty is engagement rings and wedding bands.  I come from a modest upbringing and believe everyone has a right to luxury. I keep this mindset with me always as I do my work. I believe in fair value for your hard earned dollar and also for my hard work. My prices are more then fair. In fact, I can look you eye to eye and with honesty tell you that I can offer you the best price for comparable quality of work anywhere. I am not a sales guy, I am not pushy... I am just a laid back guy, I don't live to work, I work to live. I ride a motorcycle, I go to the gym, I used to do Muay Thai. I like music and sports. I believe in a lot of conspiracy theories. I like sushi and I love a good Hamburger. This is me very briefly in a nut shell. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

- Why Choose Me -

I believe I offer some of the best prices you will find on GIA certified diamonds. I give service and craftsmanship second to none. Furthermore, all my rings are custom made just for you and for the diamond that you have chosen and within the budget you have given me. I offer all this at a much more affordable price point when compared to other designers and chain stores. I am honest, I will go out of my way to work for you, I love my work and truly enjoy most of the people I meet. I treat everyone as i want to be treated. I am not a sales guy, I wont try to "wow" you with lights, glitz and glamour. Heck I don't even have proper jewellery display "LED" lighting set up in my shop. My goal is that you choose me because of the quality of my work, my fairness and who I am.

You are welcome to visit me, email and call me anytime. If you cannot visit me, I can work with you to design your ring through email, telephone, Skype and Facetime correspondence. I have designed many rings in this manner for clients across Canada and USA. I offer secure shipping to Canada & USA. Other countries please contact me direct for purchase and shipping arrangements. I am also available for face-time conference call meetings.

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